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Young Town Doyoubi Summary (Final)

Opening talk

Today is Sanma’s birthday special (he\'s turning 52), so the show’s structure is a little different (some corners don\'t appear). So, Sanma is 52, and he hates it—even more so after hearing that Aichan’s dad is only 41. (:o) Getting older and older, Sanma finds it quite hard to keep up with the noisy comedy style he prefers (but Sayu & Aichan keep reassuring him that he\'s still young and full of energy on the TV screen :D). Aichan’s grandfather has white hair already, even though according to Aichan, he should be around the same age as Sanma (Sanma also has some, but admits he’s dying it black :o).

A present to Sanma-san

The girls brought a lot of presents to Sanma today (from the staff, management etc.). There\'s some vacuum cleaner robot thing (from the radio staff), a pink Zippo lighter (from the Yando director, bought via the internet ;o); a robot mop (from UFA boss Yamazaki), which they immediately try in the studio (and Aichan has fun playing with it in the background :D); a cooking pot/bowls set (from ?), beach sandals (from Aichan – she even bought a pair for Shouji) and strawberry/Kitty-chan stickers from Sayu (definitely something Sanma can find a use for :DDD). Sayu promises to bring some for Shouji, but he suddenly developed an allergy to stickers (:D). As a bonus, she also brought Sanma part of her collection of the mini-toys which come with various foods in the convenience store (:O). Of course, Sanma warns her not to bring anything like this again next year (and Shouji also explains that Sanma is actually 52 today :D). But Sayu tries to persuade him to paste at least one on his new Zippo (it’s fashionable :D).

Birthday comments for Sanma

As there are every year, some audio comments from Sanma’s acquaintances are recorded and presented here.

1st – Tamai Kenji, wishing Sanma to get married again soon (and he should also think of getting married in his 36 years :D). Sanma talks about Tamai a little, but the talk turns back to Sayu and her birthday present choice (:D). Sayu says she would be okay with anything she received (she would like a doll or a plush bear, or anything she can sleep with, so Sanma suggests a sex doll for her :DDD). But, as Sayu managed to mention she has birthday next month, Sanma promises to bring her some presents (he obviously has some old stickers with himself on it, and Sayu looks like she\'d be interested in having those :D).

Tamai’s comment is the only one this year (Sanma and also Aichan were expecting one from Nagasawa Masami at least ;o).

Morning Musume’s latest song "Kanashimi Twilight " plays here.

Zenryaku no corner

The mail corner was moved here today.

The first letter is about Kinoshita Yukina, who appeared on Sanma’s TV show this week (she’s actually one of the finalists from Morning Musume’s 5th gen audition :o). Aichan mentions that Yukina was actually her best friend (:O), and they exchanged some T-shirts as well (Aichan still has them, but they aren\'t in contact nowadays ;o). Sanma thinks Tsunku was right to not take her into MoMusu, but still she looks like an interesting character for talk shows. They mentioned Kayou Aiko as well (also a former Morning Musume audition participant). Aichan and Sayu explain how the audition process works to Sanma. Sayu talks about how she kept voting for herself in her own audition (:OOO).

The second letter is about the massage parlor that exploded this week at Shibuya. Wakatsuki Chinatsu used to be a regular customer there, and mentioned it on her blog. The listener asks the members if they ever had such a scary incident. Shouji talks about how he worked on some boat that almost exploded once. Sanma also has some stories to scare everyone (especially the girls) with. Shouji mentions some injury he got during one of his comedy shows (he actually made it up, but the girls are easy to fool :D), and Aichan mentions her injury at the Yokosuka concert this year (she didn’t notice one step and fell down, and the staff had to bring her backstage, as she was unable to stand up).

Karaoke Box Sanchama Corner

This corner is temporarily revived today, so the girls have a chance to sing for Sanma. Aichan and Sayu will sing Candies’ song “Toshishita Otoko no Ko”, with the title changed to “52 no Ochame-san”.

Ending talk

Time flies fast not just for Sanma (he hates getting older), but also for Aichan (she will be 21 soon, but she’s still like a kid, even in Sanma’s eyes :D). And although Sanma thinks Sayu is more mature, sticker collecting doesn’t add anything to that image (:D). Sanma asks Sayu to look through her collection and find any Roadrunner (Wile E. Coyote) stickers for him (and there\'s no need for her to come back to Yando without that :DDD).

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